JR Noble Development Corp focuses on real estate development, investment, and property management in the Philadelphia region. Focusing on commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate developments, our foundation of experience in the commercial construction industry delivers one of our many competitive advantages.

The JR Noble Philosophy…

“We are conceptual, efficient and highly organized. We are budget driven yet creative. We design and build to the budget. We are driven to create project success. We make our client’s businesses more successful with our solutions. Our core mission is based on trust. Instill and earn trust in perpetuity across all we affect — including the properties and land we stand on; the people we work for and with; and those affected by our work and goals.”

– John Tahtabrounian
Founder & CEO

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JR Noble is a full-service, vertically-integrated real estate developer with offices in the Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale regions. We focus on the acquisition, development and management of unique properties, primarily along the Eastern Seaboard. 


Our focus on real estate development includes financial coverage from our own capital investment as well as private investors that partner with us on individual deals. Additionally, JR Noble may utilize other soft and hard money sources for real estate development projects. 


JR Noble’s property management typically includes the managing of our own residential, commercial and mixed-use properties and may also include investor-owned single family homes, townhomes, multi-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. Our property management team focuses on caring for our tenants, in-depth monitoring of the real estate — all of which ultimately contributes to thriving properties. 


Professional Expertise

Our team's many years of experience in the commercial construction industry helps to ensure success on our existing and future development projects.

Tenant Focused

We always focus on serving the local community and making our tenants feel at home from day one -- and with well over 100 years of combined experience in the construction industry covering all aspects of development, our priority is always our tenants.

LEED Certification

Whenever possible, JR Noble strives to pursue LEED certification on a development in order to increase the value and environmental integrity of a project.

24 / 7 Support

Whether we are working on an active development site or managing an already completed development project, providing support to our clients at any time of day or night is key to keeping projects successful for the the long-term.

Accountable + Efficient

The most successful development projects are built with exacting standards, vast preparation, global efficiency and full-scale accountability.


We always strive to use recyclable and renewable materials when building while also minimizing energy consumption and waste production -- all in an effort to reduce a project's impact on our environment -- both during and after construction is completed.


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